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Average prices and price volatility on the futures market in 2013-2014 (TGE)
CAPEX for Y 2014
Consolidated statement of cash flows
Consolidated statement of changes in equity
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Consolidated statement of financial position
Dividend policy of PGE S.A.
Electricity balance
Emission of CO2 from major Group installations in 2014 in comparison to allocation of CO2 emission rights for 2014 (in Mg)
Energy generation in PGE CG in Y 2014
Equity attributed to equity holders of the parent company
GDP change vs. change in gross electricity consumption
Key figures for 2014-CG segment
Key figures for 2014-Distribution segment
Key figures for 2014-RES segment
Key figures for 2014-Supply segment
Key figures for 2014-Wholesale trading segment
Key financial data
Key financial data oth
Key operational figures of PGE Capital Group
Monthly prices and price volatility at the day ahead market in 2013-2014 (TGE)
Monthly imports, exports and cross-border exchange balance in 2013-2014
PGE share quotations in relation to WIG20 and WIG Energy Indexes
PGE share price and volumes in 2014 (PLN)
Prices of CO2 emission rights in 2014
Production of electricity
Selected balance sheet data
Selected data from the statement of cash flows
Sold industrial production dynamics in Poland (y-o-y)
Volume and cost of purchase of fuels from third party suppliers in the fourth quarter of 2014 and 2013

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