The first listing of rights to shares of PGE S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) regulated market took place on November 6, 2009 PGE S.A. shares started to be listed on December 15, 2009.

PGE shares are listed in the continuous trading system on the WSE Main Market. PGE has the largest market capitalization among Polish companies from power sector listed on WSE. With account taken to number of transactions, Company’s shares are among the most liquid ones with high interest from investors. PGE shares are included in the most important indexes of the Warsaw Stock Exchange: WIG20 – the index of the largest and most liquid companies, WIG – the index of all companies from the Main Market, and WIG Energia – the index of power sector companies, as well as popular foreign indexes, i.e. MSCI or CETOP. PGE shares since 2011 have been also included in the index of socially responsible companies –RESPECT Index.

PGE share quotations

The quotations of PGE shares and the values of the WIG20, WIG Energia and RESPECT indexes on WSE from January 2 to December, 30 2014 (own calculations based of WSE’s data).

PGE share quotations in relation to WIG20 and WIG Energy Indexes


During the course of 2014 the value of PGE shares increased by 17.0%, while at the same time the WIG20 index lost 4.7%. At the end of the year PGE shares were quoted at PLN 18.90, which determined the PGE Group’s market capitalization at PLN 35.3 billion. The highest price during the year was PLN 22.85, and the lowest – PLN 15.60.

PGE share price and volumes in 2014 (PLN).


PGE S.A. shares

All Company shares are bearer shares. Shares are not privileged; however, however the Company’s Statute provides for special rights for the State Treasury, e.g. with respect to the appointment of members of the Supervisory Board.

Specification 2014
Turnover (PLN) 13,695,334,430
Average number of transactions per session (pcs) 2,784
Maximum price in year (PLN) 22.85
Minimum price in year (PLN) 15.60

According to the notification from the Minister of State Treasury of July 8, 2014, about which PGE informed in current report no 35/2014 dated July 9, 2014, State Treasury holds 1,091,681,706 Company’s ordinary shares with nominal value of PLN 10 each, representing 58.39% of Company’s share capital and entitling to perform 1,091,681,706 votes at the general meeting of the Company, representing 58.39% of the total number of votes.


Shareholder No of shares (pcs) No of votes (pcs) % of shares and votes (%)
State Treasury 1,091,681,706 1,091,681,706 58.39%
Other shareholders 778,079,123 778,079,123 41.61%
Total 1,869,760,829 1,869,760,829 100.00%

PGE Investor Relations

On a regular basis we maintain relationships with investors including organizing meetings with analysts and fund managers. Investor Relations Office dedicated to communication with the capital market provides constant and equal access to information about the Company for all current and potential investors. The concept of IR Office communication is based on a two-way dialogue with the wide market. Every quarter we organize presentations of the Company's financial results. Taking into account the different needs of capital market participants we assure the opportunity to participate in all organized public meetings and general meetings "at distance". We also provide the market with retransmissions available on our IR website. Additionally since 2014 we have enabled investors to watch the video comment of the Company’s CEO regarding financial and operating results directly after its publication. We are keeping the active information policy through our IR web page available in two language versions. Understanding the mobility of our current and potential investors, we created a mobile application that allows for a quick access to current information about the Company.

Every year we execute our shareholding identification study and Company’s perception study among investors and analysts which allow us to better address the capital market needs. Received opinions constantly contribute to improvement of our communication and adapting of materials to meet the investors’ needs.

Investor Relations team is constantly available for all capital market participants, both by phone and via e-mail. We are making our best to provide investors with most accurate and comprehensive answers for their questions. In order to help our investors to understand the right meaning of technical language characteristic for energy sector we regularly include a dictionary of the most important terms in our published materials. A comprehensive dictionary of the energy industry terms is also available on our IR website

PGE S.A. reporting calendar


Dividend policy of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.

The dividend policy to be followed by the Company’s Management Board will comprise of paying dividends consistent with the level of the Company’s development and to allow for the maintenance of a reasonable level of financial liquidity.

In the medium term, the Management Board intends to make a recommendation to the Shareholders’ Meeting on dividends to be paid in accordance with power industry standards. The Management Board currently believes that a distribution of nearly 40-50 per cent of the consolidated net profit will be attributable to equity holders of the parent company.

For each annual dividend distribution, the amount of the dividend will depend, in particular, on the Company’s overall indebtedness, expected capital expenditures and potential acquisitions.

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Company of June 6, 2014 adopted the resolution to allocate a part of Company's net profit for the financial year 2013 in amount of PLN 2,337,559,286.34 for dividend payment. The dividend for shareholders amounted to PLN 1.10 per share.

As at the date of the OGM, the dividend applied to 1,869,760,829 shares and the total value of the dividend amounted to PLN 2,056,736,911.90.

The OGM determined September 5, 2014 as the dividend date. Dividend was paid on September 26, 2014.